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I’ve added 22 MQ photos of the panel Julianne attended yesterday. Hopefully we’ll find some in HQ soon!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Posted by Lexi on
January 1st, 2012

We all wish you a Happy New Year! May 2012 be a great year and bring us lots of exciting news about Julianne’s latest projects :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Posted by Lexi on
December 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas to all our readers!

I’ve updated the sidebar with Julianne’s latest projects…

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New Co-Web, Event Images updated

Posted by Lexi on
December 9th, 2011

Hi all,

my name is Lexi and I’m going to help Holly from time to time with posting news and photos. I’m a big fan of Julianne and I hope you’ll enjoy the new images I’ve just added.

A bit late but still would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Julianne. I hope she had a great day! In case you didn’t know, you can follow her on Twitter @_juliannemoore.

And we have a new layout!

Posted by Luciana on
July 12th, 2011

As you can see, we have a brand new here! I have found this gorgeous classy Julianne picture and it so deserved to layout! The picture belongs to last year issue of Saga Magazine, which scans you also can find now in the gallery.

I also want to apologize for the lack of updates. I had a major HD crash this year, which caused the lost of everything I have collected for this site – and also the motivation I had. This of course has changed, and updates will resume now. For now, enjoy this pretty scans:

New layout!

Posted by Luciana on
December 18th, 2010

As you can see we have a new layout up, made by yours truly. I was planning to make a classy, simply and darker layout for a while, and this one is perfect – for me, at least. I hope you like it. :)

A matching gallery theme is coming soon, as well more content updates.

New videos archive layout!

Posted by Roberta on
July 6th, 2010

Divine Julianne Moore’s video archives page has a brand new look by Night and Day Design and it’s amazing!

Check it out: http://juliannemoorevideos.com.

And don’t forget to leave your comments! 😀

Savage Grace: gallery added

Posted by Luciana on
June 28th, 2010

As you may have noticed, I’m working in each movie gallery related one by one, so it’s easier to collect more pictures and information instead add all movies at once. Today I add pictures, videos and information related to “Savage Grace“, the awesome Tom Kalim movie where Julianne plays Barbara Daly Baekeland, murdered by her son in 1972.

I also added “I’m Not There” promos, trailers and posters, as you can see in the respective movie page. Enjoy!

Brand new layout!

Posted by Roberta on
June 27th, 2010

Divine Julianne Moore has a brand new look made by the awesome Hilary. Hope you guys like it!

While I’m at it, my name is Roberta (one of the sites I run is Kate Winslet Fan) and I’m the new co-owner of this site. Julianne is one of my top favorite actresses of all times and I’ll be helping Luciana with the latest news, photos, media features, etc.

Take a time to follow us at Twitter and receive the latest news and updates: @DivineJulianne.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute with something, please send an e-mail to staff@julianne-moore.org.

Edit: Luciana here, doing a quick edit to say that our gallery also has a pretty greenish new layout! I’m particular in love with our new gallery layout and I invite you all to take a look on it.