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The October issue of Total Film magazine has ‘Don Jon’ on highlights, as one of the coolest movies being made. It also has a pretty picture of Julianne as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s therapist. Also, they bring us an article naming her ‘Instant Expert’ with some key movies and some comments on her most recent career choices.

A prim Bible-basher with a psychotic streak in Carrie. A witch with a beast lurking within in Seventh Son. If Julianne Moore’s upcoming genre jaunts seem like U-turns for an actor renowned for minimalist smarts rather than mainstream spectacle, don’t be fooled. An unpretentious character actor-as-star, Moore trades in the tension between surface reserve and underlying turmoil: over 23 years of indie and mainstream acclaim, she’s got ‘what lies beneath’ down to a fine, fearless art.

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