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Julianne Moore has a theory of why people are so touched by her film Still Alice. “It’s not just because it’s a disease movie,” she says of the fictional story of Dr. Alice Howland, a 50-year-old university linguistics professor and a mother of three who is struck with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. “It’s a movie about mortality and being,” she says. “It makes us really think about our lives. You’re never closer to loving life than when you’re closest to loss.”

And Moore is loving her life right now. The actress, 54, lives in New York City with her husband, director Bart Freundlich, who she’s been with for 19 years and married to for 10. They have two kids, son Caleb, 17, and daughter Liv, 12. And home really is where her heart is. “Right before I met my husband, I always felt as if the party was happening somewhere else,” she says. “Like, ‘Where is everybody else going?’ And once I met him and we had our children, I was like, ‘This is where the party is.’ There’s nowhere else I want to be. I see a tremendous amount of purpose and a feeling of belonging.”

When Moore carries that sense of purpose to her work, Hollywood can’t help but sit up and take notice. For whether she’s meant to or not, Moore has become a truly positive representation of the 21st century woman. Not only is she a mom with a family and a five-time Oscar nominee (many predict she’ll take home her first statuette for Best Actress for her performance in Still Alice at next Sunday’s awards), she’s also carved out a strong niche for herself working in both mainstream and quality independent films that mean something. Also, she doesn’t take her roles to prove a point. She does it, she says, because she loves to tell a good story.

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