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Do I need to persuade you on Julianne Moore? Come on. This is Julianne Moore we’re talking about. The intensely credible, never-bad-in-anything actress with a career that now spans almost four decades and includes work with Robert Altman; Louis Malle; the Coen Brothers; Alfonso Cuarón; Todd Haynes; Kimberly Peirce; Tom Ford; Paul Thomas Anderson; Rebecca Miller; Julie Taymor; Moore’s husband, Bart Freundlich; and probably 38 other really good directors I’m forgetting. The Julianne Moore who’s been nominated for five Academy Awards, winning best actress in 2015 for playing a professor confronting Alzheimer’s disease in Still Alice. The Julianne Moore who won an Emmy for playing—no, transforming into—Sarah Palin in Game Change. Who played Maude flippin’ Lebowski, for crying out loud. “She’s just a lovely person,” says The Dude himself, Moore’s co-star in The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges. Bridges calls her Julie, just as many close to her do.

Moore’s résumé is a staggering, no-BS run of smart choices with integrity—the type of career that any aspiring actor dreams of. Moore, who grew up traipsing around the earth in a military family, has humble roots, too. She got her start in soap operas, on As the World Turns, where, in the twilight of the Reagan administration, she played not only a character named Frannie Hughes, but also Frannie’s mysterious half-sister, Sabrina, who arrived in Frannie’s life and raised hell. (Soap operas truly are the best.)

Moore’s one of those celebrity supernovas who seems to get it, who has this fame and glamour yet manages to live a life in New York City that appears rather, well, normal—or at least as close to normal as an Oscar-winning actor’s life can be. She and Freundlich have been together for more than two decades. The couple has a 17-year-old daughter, Liv, and a 21-year-old son, Cal. If you come to town on a lazy weekend morning, you might look over in the brunch line at Russ & Daughters, and there she is, her red hair the unmistakable giveaway, one of the great actors of her generation, waiting for lox like everyone else.

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