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Journalist Alessandra Venezia sat down with Julianne Moore interviewing her for IO Donna. The following is a summary highlights of the interviews you can find in our press library in original language (italian).

About ‘The Glorias’: she says Gloria Steinem is one of her heroines and that, about this project, the thing she loved the most was the deep research on her and the women around her.

About ‘After the Wedding’: she says that when a story is particularly interesting can resist time, and uses theater as an example, and that was she found fascinating about this project, the idea to recreate an already done story into a new version.

About her family and marriage
When Julianne and Bart got married, their children had already been born so she reflects that if they had married before it would have been just more practical. But she loves every moment she spent with both her children and her husband, like working on the movie all together, making it a family affair. She also confesses that she feels a lot of emotions and will have to face new challenges once her daughter will leave the nest (her son is already in college), which though will allow her and her husband to do things and go on vacation, just the two of them.

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