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Back in December, in the midst of lockdown, Julianne Moore did not have the 60th birthday she might have imagined: “It was just dinner with my family – it wasn’t a blow-out or anything. I was thankful that we were able to be together.”

She has gone through all the lockdown clichés in the past year: adopting a puppy (a labrador cross called Hope), baking, trying to learn French (“I’d download an app, then I wouldn’t look at it”). Her 19-year-old daughter, Liv, was also grounded at the family home: “Poor kid, she missed graduation and everything.”

There have also been the obligatory online yoga classes – and when we talk (over Zoom) she is sitting on the floor of the designated yoga room in her home in New York, wearing black leggings and a grey hooded sweatshirt, make-up minimal. “I try to do yoga four to five times a week,” she says.

“It has honestly been the thing that has saved me this past year.” Julianne is friendly and gentle, showing genuine delight when my nine-year-old daughter barges in to our meeting: “Who’s this?!” And she has her own visitors in the form of Hope and her older dog, Milly. “They’re good girls, but they don’t like to be alone,” she says, settling them on her yoga mat, where they loll for the rest of the interview.

She is also an extraordinarily accomplished actor, having made more than 70 films and winning awards that include an Oscar, two Golden Globes and a Bafta. There have been blockbusters, indie films, comedies and heartbreaking period dramas, but rarely any duds. She has a fabulous career, a hot husband, great hair and homes in New York and Long Island. So, what’s her secret?

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