An Ideal Husband



→ He just doesn’t know it yet.

Character’s Quotes

• I don’t mind bad husbands. I’ve had two. They amused me immensely.
• Wonderful woman, Lady Markby, isn’t she? Talks more and says less than anybody I ever met.
• Do you know, Gertrude, I don’t mind your talking morality a bit. Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike. You dislike me, I am quite aware of that, and I have always detested you.
• A rather charming little idea has come into my head, and now that I consider it, I find it to be a rather charming big idea.
• As a betting man, you must concede there is a certain thrill to it. Consider also how elegantly I’ve moved from proposal to proposition.
• Oh, I like tedious, practical subjects. What I don’t like are tedious, practical people.
• The higher education of men is what I should like to see. Men need it so sadly.
• Oh pray, don’t. One should never give a woman something that she can’t wear in the evening.

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