Far from Heaven



→ What imprisons desires of the heart?
→ What lies beneath the surface? What hides behind the walls? What imprisons desires of the heart?
→ It’s time to stop hiding from the truth.


⋄ Julianne Moore was pregnant during the filming of this movie.
⋄ Julianne Moore was the one who suggested that her character had to be blonde. Todd Haynes disagreed at first, but later told her she was right. So he had to do some changes in the film, like the color of the scarf, in order to fit that.

Character’s Quotes

• That was the day I stopped believing in the wild ardor of things. Perhaps in love, as well. That kind of love. The love in books and films. The love that tells us to abandon our lives and plans, all for one brief touch of Venus. So often we fail at that kind of love. The world just seems too fragile a place for it. And of every other kind, life remains full. Perhaps it’s just we who are too fragile.
• No, he’s absolutely right. We ladies are never what we appear, and every girl has her secrets.

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