Julianne Moore Talks Gay Rights in Italy: “Having a Family Is a Matter of Human Rights”


Article taken from The Hollywood Reporter.

The ‘Maggie’s Plan’ actress commented to Berlin Film Festival reporters on Italy’s “step-child adoption” debate to legalize same-sex parenting.

Maggie’s Plan star Julianne Moore on Monday threw her support behind efforts to give same-sex couples in Italy the right to raise families.

“Everyone having a family is a matter of human rights. Every individual should have the right to have a family,” Moore told an Italian reporter at the Maggie’s Plan press conference during the Berlin Film Festival, where the Hollywood actress was asked how she felt about Italy’s “step-child adoption.”

After getting clarification that Italian legislators were considering allowing a gay couple to adopt a child if one of the partners is a biological parent of the child, Moore offered support for same-sex parenting. Her support followed Moore, also starring alongside Ellen Page in Freeheld, where they played a same-sex couple caught up in a legal battle over pension benefits.

Moore appeared in Berlin with co-star Greta Gerwig to promote Rebecca Miller’s Maggie’s Plan, a love-triangle comedy also starring Ethan Hawke. The film sees Gerwig playing a woman bent on becoming a single mother, only to stumble into a more complicated family.

Sony Pictures Classics earlier picked up the North American rights to the comedy out of the Toronto Film Festival, where Maggie’s Plan had its world premiere.

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