Laws of Attraction



→ Love can be quite a trial.
→ Getting married is a great way to fall in love.
→ Love always has the last word.

Character’s Quotes

• Each case I handle convinces me further that marraige is dead in the water.
• Oh, boy, don’t you try to analyze me with your whole, disheveled Bohemian my socks don’t match so therefore I have insight into all things wacko mindset. There are no psychoanalytical shortcuts into my pants.
• A sincere apology is just a manipulation tactic like forgiveness or generosity.
• Ok, this is what we’re working with *Dollface*. You’ve got a devoted, hardworking wife at home, yet you cheat, lie, and blow all your money on strippers and whores. You finally abandon her leaving her no option but to file for divorce. That’s the opposing council’s opening line. Direct. No B.S. Just the way you like it. And your wife has just hired the second best divorce attorney in New York City to deliver it. Now you need someone to tell you side of the story, no matter how *sordid*, and make you seem like strawberry shortcake.

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