Character: Electra

Directed by: Richard Donner

Written by: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, Brian Helgeland

Produced by: Richard Donner, Joel Silver, Bruce A. Evans, Raynold Gideon, Andrew Laza,r Jim Van Wyck

Cast Members: Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas

Released date: October 6, 1995

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Duration: 2h 12min

Assassin Robert Rath arrives at a funeral to kill a prominent mobster, only to witness rival hired gun Miguel Bain complete the job for him -- with grisly results. Horrified by the murder of innocent bystanders, Rath decides to take one last job and then return to civilian life. But finding his way out of the world of contract killing grows ever more dangerous as Rath falls for his target, Electra, and becomes a marked man himself.


→ Who lives and Who Dies?
→ In the shadows of life, In the business of death, One man found a reason to live…

Character’s Quotes

• Once upon a time, there was this little sparrow, who while flying south for the winter froze solid and fell to the ground. And then to make matters worse the cow crapped on him, but the manure was all warm and it defrosted him. So there he is, he’s warm and he’s happy to be alive and he starts to sing. A hungry cat comes along and he clears off the manure and he looks at the little bird and then he eats him. And the moral of the story is this: everyone who craps on you is not necessarily your enemy, and everyone who gets you out of crap is not necessarily your friend, and if you’re warm and happy no matter where you are you should just keep your big mouth shut.

Script developed by Never Enough Design