Boogie Nights

Character: Amber Waves

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson

Written by: Paul Thomas Anderson

Produced by: Lloyd Levin, John Lyons, Paul Thomas Anderson, JoAnne Sellar

Cast Members: Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, Don Cheadle, John C. Reilly, William H. Macy, Heather Graham, Nicole Parker, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Released date: October 10, 1997

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2h 35min

In the San Fernando Valley in 1977, teenage busboy Eddie Adams gets discovered by porn director Jack Horner, who transforms him into adult-film sensation Dirk Diggler. Brought into a supportive circle of friends, including fellow actors Amber Waves, Rollergirl and Reed Rothchild, Dirk fulfills all his ambitions, but a toxic combination of drugs and egotism threatens to take him back down.


→ In 1977, sex was safe, pleasure was a business, and business was booming.
→ Everyone has one special thing
→ The life of a dreamer, the days of a business, and the nights in between.

Script developed by Never Enough Design