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The gallery has been updated with over 900 HD screencaptures of Julianne Moore as Laura Brown in 2002 movie “The Hours”. Take a look and enjoy!

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The gallery has been updated with HQ scans of Red UK which features Julianne Moore on the cover of their november issue. Take a look and enjoy!

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I am sitting opposite one of the most credible actresses of her generation, a woman who has — over a 35-year career — earned a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most enduring, universally acclaimed stars. But today, in her local bistro in New York’s West Village, Julianne Moore can’t settle; she is worried that we might have missed out on her favourite zucchini fries. It’s late afternoon, the no-man’s land of mealtimes, and Moore is unable to start our interview until we’ve flagged down a waitress. Her relief when we’re told she can indeed still order her go-to fries is palpable.

Will that be one portion to share, the waitress enquires. ‘Gosh, no, we definitely need one each,’ says Moore.

In person, the first thing you notice about 58-year-old Moore are those cheekbones, which I reckon you could legitimately grate parmesan off. The second thing, as she waves her arms around and laughs freely —sparky, animated, upbeat — is just how very different she is from the emotionally wretched, tormented and troubled women she so often portrays on screen. Take the drug-addicted porn star she played more than 20 years ago in Boogie Nights, the married gay woman who has an affair with her sperm donor in The Kids Are All Right, or the academic with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in Still Alice, a heart-wrenching role which won her a well-deserved Oscar in 2015 after four nominations.

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You can say I’ve gone insane and it would be right, but I decided to jump into this project of capping and sorting all 90s movies of Julianne Moore I could find and that were missing from the site. So here they are, 8 of them: The Fugitive, Safe, Surviving Picasso, The Big Lebowski, Psycho, An Ideal Husband, The End of the Affair and Magnolia.
Attention: a couple of this contain nudity, as the tag says, so please do not click on checking if you’re sensitive towards it.

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Designer-filmmaker Tom Ford and actor Julianne Moore have a history of working together. Moore starred in Ford’s 2009 film A Single Man and routinely wears his designs on the red carpet. (Who could forget the chic black-and-white number she wore to the 2013 Golden Globes, among other winning Ford creations?) Today at Vogue’s Forces of Fashion conference in New York City, the two friends sat down to discuss a range of topics, including their shared Hollywood successes, working together, how fashion has changed with social media, and what the future of American design looks like.

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