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The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures from 2005 movie Trust The Man, in which Julianne played Rebecca Pollack. Take a look and enjoy!

Two New York couples try to navigate through the ever-present pitfalls of love and marriage. A successful actress, her househusband, her ne-er-do-well brother and his girlfriend cope with work demands and infidelity as they search for real love and easy parking.

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The gallery was updated with over 1700 HD screencaptures from 2004 movie Laws Of Attraction in which Julianne played Audrey Woods.

Audrey Woods and Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) are rival divorce lawyers who are complete opposites: She relies on the law, while he relies on personality. They are hired to represent opposing sides of a celebrity divorce case involving a rock star (Michael Sheen), a dress designer (Parker Posey) and a custody dispute over an Irish castle. Audrey and Daniel wind up in Ireland together, where, to their astonishment, sparks fly between them.

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New York is full of famous people trying to look like they aren’t famous and not- famous people trying to look like they are, so when Julianne Moore walks into Cafe Cluny in the West Village, it’s instantly obvious that she’s part of the former category. 

Dressed in all black—black shoes, black pants, black sweater, black coat, black sunglasses, black hat—she’s the classic archetype of a New Yorker, but with something more to hide than most of us. Like the fact that underneath all that winter gear, she’s Julianne Moore.

Hat and glasses removed, the secret is out. With hair color somewhere between pumpkin and persimmon, and facial features so expressive that talking with her is as if one of those How Are You Feeling Today? posters came to life, she’s a vital force, even at nine in the morning, and even though she’s done enough interviews to last two lifetimes. When I ask if she finds the experience of being profiled stressful, her face contorts from steady and serious to open and reflective until at last she lands on theatrical exuberance.

“It’s kind of unusual, because nobody’s ever going to get to know you, really, over the course of an interview, even over the course of a few days or a couple weeks. They’re going to form a capsule of you,” she says. (Serious.) What about that several- thousand-word John Lahr New Yorker profile that came out a few years ago? “I mean, come on, it’s also enormously flattering to have a long New Yorker profile. It certainly serves my ego.” (Reflective.) On this last line, she unlocks an ear-to-ear smile and holds a hand to her chest, eyes wide and leaning in towards me. “‘Oh, it’s all about me!’” (Theatrical and exuberant.)

To engage with Julianne Moore in conversation is to get a real life reminder of the diversity of her talents, for in person, she exhibits a tiny shade of everything. Her strength is in shapeshifting—from indie darling to blockbuster star, siren to cipher, warmth to frost—while rarely having to default to the Hollywood tradition of spackling a star in prosthetics, draping them in period costume, and calling it a dayShe is so studied that even with the hallmark of her terracotta hair, you lose contact with Julianne Moore the public figure within seconds of seeing her onscreen.

Read the full article/interview in our press library and enjoy the photoshoot outtakes in photo gallery.

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Thanks to my friend Stephanie, we’ve got HQ scans from The Rake magazine featuring Julianne on their february issue. Enjoy!

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Julianne Moore is a force to be reckoned with. With five Academy Award nominations to her name, including a Best Actress win for her unforgettable portrayal of a woman struggling with Alzheimer’s in Still Alice, Moore is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and respected actors. Not one to rest on her laurels, Moore’s output is virtuosic by any standard. In 2018 alone, she played starring roles in Gloria Bell—a remake of the 2013 Chilean film directed by Sebastián Lelio—and Bel Canto, and she has two features in store for 2019.

While we have seen Julianne play more than 70 different characters on screen, in person, she looks incredibly, refreshingly like herself. Warm, cheerful, bright, thoughtful, and yes—gorgeous. Even when not on set filming, her schedule is back to back.

Taking a mini-break before a trip Uptown to be fitted for brown contact lenses (she is starring in Julie Taymor’s adaptation of Gloria Steinem’s memoir My Life on the Road), she stops to share a breakfast at one of her favored West Village haunts. Over a meal of berries with whipped cream and eggs Florentine, she discusses being Gloria Bell, the impact of #MeToo, and her hopes for the future.

Read the full article/interview in our press library.

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For march and february, Julianne covered 2 different magazines. Take a look in the gallery for scans and outtakes. Enjoy!