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On living in NYC

While Anderson makes a habit of tweeting on a regular basis, Julianne Moore says she is “the worst Twitterer ever,” claiming that her tweets are both “boring and infrequent.”

She also admits to having accidentally tweeted the inside of her purse, which Anderson says he can relate to after “butt-tweeting” numerous times.

“I got all these responses saying, ‘What was that?’ ‘It was so mysterious.’ ‘It was kind of beautiful, but strange,'” Julianne says. “I was like, ‘Oh no!’ I just hit the button and it went off.”

Take a look…


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Julianne is featured in the March issue of the EW and TV Guide magazine.


Thanks for them Kelly!

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The whole part…

Julianne Moore talks about charity for childhood poverty, her family, and playing Sarah Palin for HBO!