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I’ve spent my whole day trying to find this promotional pictures in good quality to share with you, and here’s it: 04 new promotional stills of Julianne on her new movie “Crazy, Stupid Love”, plus HQ version of the movie’s posters

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Re-started with gallery updates, and added more than 800 HQ pictures of Julianne in her 2007 public appearances.

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Julianne is cover of the new summer issue of Gotham Magazine. In the issue Julianne talks working with Steve Carell in her new film Crazy, Stupid, Love:

“I worship at the altar of Steve Carell. I love him on The Office and had such high expectations of him, and he did not disappoint. This whole entire movie was such a great experience. The director, Ryan [Gosling], Emma Stone—I mean, everything just worked, and I was so happy to be able to do it.”

She talks working close to home:

“Having two kids changes the location of what I do, that’s the trickiest thing. You try and work at home during the school year.” Even if their mom is an Academy Award-nominated actress, Moore is cool enough to admit, “Kids don’t care what their parents do.”

Julianne also talks what films she’s interested in making:

“The older I get, the more I want to do comedy. Tragedy becomes less alluring. I think comedy is infinitely more interesting.”

Thanks to jeanpaul for the heads up!

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Thanks to dearest Lexi, we have additional HQ pictures of January’s Hasty Pudding, plus a new gorgeous photoshoot. Check it:

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Last March, Julianne covered the US print of InStyle magazine, in a new breathtaking photoshoot. I’ve missed it at the time, but finally I’ve added some ‘web find’ scans, and the photo session, to the gallery. InStyle is reprinting it in the May UK issue. Soon you’ll find here proper scans with the whole article.

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The BAFTA’s took place this weekend, in London, and Julianne attended the ceremony. I’ve added a couple of pictures in the gallery. Plus today she was in New York attending the Bounty We Love Our School Kick Off Clean Up Day.