Character: Laurel Hester
Directed by: Peter Sollett
Written by: Ron Nyswaner
Produced by: Ellen Page, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, James D. Stern, Cynthia Wade
Other cast: Ellen Page, Michael Shannon, Steve Carell
Release date: October 2, 2015
Genre: Documentary, Biography, Drama
Running time: 1h 43min

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, decorated New Jersey detective Laurel Hester wishes to leave her pension benefits to domestic partner Stacie Andree. Denied by local county officials, Laurel receives help from hard-nosed colleague Dane Wells and activist Steven Goldstein, who unite to rally fellow police officers and ordinary citizens to support the couple's fight for equality.


→ All love is equal
→ A true story of love and injustice.
→ Love is love

Character’s Quotes

• When my heterosexual partners die. Their pension goes to their spouses. But because my partner is a woman, I don’t get to do that. In my twenty three years of being a police officer, I’ve never asked for special treatment. I’m only asking for equality.