Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
Character: Susan
Created by: Arthur Conan Doyle (based on)
Directed by: John Harrison
Written by: Michael McDowell
Produced by: Mitchell Galin, Richard P. Rubinstein
Other cast: Christian Slater, Robert Sedgwick, Steve Buscemi, Donald Van Horn, Michael Deak
Release date: May 4, 1990
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Running time: 1h 33min

The first of three dark tales involves resentful student Bellingham looking to an Egyptian mummy for help in settling some scores. Then, hit man Halston is contracted to kill a cat that has terrorized and even killed members of an extremely wealthy family. Lastly, struggling artist Preston witnesses a demon commit a bizarre murder on a city street, but agrees to keep it a secret when the devilish being promises wealth in return for his silence.


→ From the depths of four twisted minds.
→ Brace yourself for some KILLER stories.
→ Four Ghoulish Fables in One Modern Nightmare