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The gallery was updated with stills of Julianne during Watch What Happens Live a couple of days ago. Enjoy them!

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4 Responses to ““Watch What Happens Live” (Stills) – January 21, 2015”


Just here to say that in the gallery there is mistake about Studio Photoshoots > Session #138, when I choose to see a picture, it’s not the same that opens (when the image appears it’s photo in black and white). I guess this is just a mistake with the site 🙂
By the way, love the site ! Totaly fan of Moore and I’m happy to learn so much about her !

A french fan (sorry for my english) :p

January 24, 15 • 12:59 am

Merci Vincent. The problem has been now fixed. And thanks for visiting, we’re very happy to share more Moore-love around the whole world.

PS: your english is just fine as much as mine, since I’m italian 😛

January 24, 15 • 8:37 am


Oh yeah ! Great ! I’am gonna watch tha tpicture now 🙂

January 24, 15 • 8:38 pm


Now, I have another request (oops)… Where are the pictures i saw before in Studio Photoshoots > Session #138 ? I mean pictures in color we could see before ? There were just amazing !

😀 😀

January 24, 15 • 8:42 pm

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