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Hollywood actress Julianne Moore says she loved playing the ‘positive’ and ‘reckless’ character of Gloria Bell in her new movie.

Julianne Moore knows what she likes when she sees it. These days, that happens to mean two very different foreign-language films – one with a radically honest role for a middle-aged star and one that had to be smartly retrofitted, remade for English-speaking audiences. Starting off her 2019 strong, Moore has already starred in Sebastian Lelio’s Gloria Bell (still in cinemas)and her husband Bart Freundlich’s After the Wedding, (coming later in the year) and not because she’s on the hunt for remakes in a remake-crazed industry, but because both films struck her as having something worth doing again.

The opportunity to play Gloria – a divorced, middle-aged mother of adult kids trying to carve out a fulfilling life for herself – almost didn’t happen, thanks to the kind of good, old-fashioned mix-up that would not be out of place in a frisky Hollywood comedy. Moore was so taken with Lelio’s 2013 Chilean film Gloria that she made it her business to meet the film-maker.

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