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How to be 60 by Julianne Moore

October 10, 2021   No Comment   Articles

Do things that scare you (like singing), walk away from anger and binge-watch decorating shows. The Oscar-winning actress tells Elizabeth Day how she makes ageing glamorously look easy  Julianne Moore, Hollywood superstar and legendary beauty, kicks off our conversation by telling me how she has spent the morning clearing up dog vomit. She and her husband, […]

What Julianne Moore Did Next

August 18, 2021   No Comment   Articles, Interviews, Photoshoots

The Oscar-winning actor talks socially distanced singing, weathering the pandemic and her irrepressible need for new challenges. Over her 30-plus-year career, Julianne Moore has created so many indelible characters in so many notable films, small and large, that they’re nearly impossible to count, let alone list. She’s given pathos to period housewives stuck in the […]

Julianne Moore and Grace Coddington examine the universal human desire to have our stories heard

According to Julianne Moore’s Wikipedia page, the Oscar-winning actor is known for her portrayals of “emotionally troubled women,” which is a pretty verbose way to say “women” or simply “humans.” It’s true that Moore’s most memorable films have found her playing, as the page continues, the “unhappy mid-20th-century housewife,” including The End of the Affair (1999), Far From Heaven (2002), The […]

Julianne Moore Says the Term ‘Aging Gracefully’ Is ‘Totally Sexist’: ‘There’s So Much Judgment’

July 4, 2021   No Comment   Articles, Photoshoots

Julianne Moore’s stance on aging? “It just is.” The Lisey’s Story actress graces the cover (revealed here exclusively by PEOPLE) of As If magazine’s newest issue, in which she addresses “aging gracefully” — a term that she deems “totally sexist” in the sense that it’s often used to describe women and less commonly with men. “There’s so much judgment inherent […]

Julianne Moore at 60: ‘It’s a privilege to continue to age’

June 20, 2021   No Comment   Articles, Interviews

Back in December, in the midst of lockdown, Julianne Moore did not have the 60th birthday she might have imagined: “It was just dinner with my family – it wasn’t a blow-out or anything. I was thankful that we were able to be together.” She has gone through all the lockdown clichés in the past […]

Lisey’s Story: Julianne Moore Goes Behind the Scenes on That ‘Gruesome’ Attack by Stalker Jim Dooley

June 20, 2021   No Comment   Articles, Interviews

*** THIS INTERVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 4 OF LISEY’S STORY. READING DISCRETION IS ADVISED.*** When Stephen King’s name is attached, things are bound to get bloody. (Note to the squeamish: You’ve been warned!) Episode 4 of Lisey’s Story (now streaming on Apple TV+) came to a brutally violent head when Scott’s crazed stalker Jim Dooley finally […]