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Exciting news for a possible upcoming project for Julianne!

Julianne Moore is in negotiations to join Amy Adams in The Woman in the Window, Fox 2000’s adaptation of the book by A.J. Finn.

The Darkest Hour filmmaker Joe Wright is directing the thriller, which sees Adams portraying a child psychologist with severe agoraphobia (and a penchant for mixing alcohol with her medication) who hasn’t left her house in months. The woman believes she witnessed a horrible crime involving a new neighboring family but no one, including the police, will believe her.

Moore will play the mother of a mysterious young boy who moves in across the street.

Tracy Letts wrote the script for the adaptation, whose story is a nod to the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window.

Scott Rudin and Eli Bush are producing the pic.

Elizabeth Gabler and Marisa Paiva are overseeing for Fox 2000.

Moore, who appeared as the villain in Fox’sKingsman: The Golden Circle, has several films wrapped, including Paul Weitz’s thriller Bel Canto and After the Wedding, a drama that also stars Michelle Williams.


In a reversal from what many mid-career actresses experience,Julianne Moore landed the lead in the new movie “Freeheld” not despite her age but because of it.

Director Peter Sollett said he was looking for a middle-aged actress to play opposite Ellen Page, 28, in the fact-based film about a lesbian New Jersey couple, Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree, who were at the center of a landmark 2005 LGBT rights case.

And at 49, Moore was the perfect choice to play Hester, a police officer in Ocean City N.J., who received a terminal lung cancer diagnosis and then struggled to pass her pension benefits to Andree. “Julianne and Ellen are [almost] exactly the same age apart as Laurel and Stacie,” he told TheWrap. “Not only was she the right age, she is one of the best actresses of her generation.”

Page and Sollett set out to cast Moore in the role long before the actress won her Oscar for “Still Alice.” And Sollett never once regretted his decision to do so.

“She brings Laurel to life from the inside, and never does she ask the audience to pity her,” the director said of Moore. “She is wise enough and savvy enough to let the context of the film do the heavy lifting for her.”

“Freeheld,” which opened Friday in limited release just four months after the Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal, is based on an Oscar-winning documentary short of the same name by Cynthia Wade.

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Julianne to Join Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Posted by Holly on
April 11th, 2015

>Julianne Moore is lining up her next post-Oscars project and it looks like she could join Nicole Holofcener’s upcoming drama Can You Ever Forgive Me.

Holofcener (Enough Said) will direct and adapt the project from Lee Israel’s 2008 memoir. Moore would play Israel, a once-respected biographer who began writing counterfeit letters of deceased writers and letters to pay her bills. When the authorities pick up on her forgery she turns to actually stealing letters from library archives and selling them on the black market to cover her tracks.

Julianne Moore has won Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes and hundreds of other acting awards — but apparently, that isn’t enough for the country of Turkey, which was not pleased with recent work she did on behalf of the country.

Moore was hired to appear in a $4 million film, “Home Of,” that was supposed to help build tourism for Turkey. But it seems Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry didn’t like what they saw, referring to Moore’s work in the film as “poor acting.”

Even before Moore was chosen to appear in the film, several Turkish politicians criticized the selection of Moore, claiming she has a “depressive persona.” All of which is to say it certainly seems the country of Turkey has no taste at all.


I have added HD captures and production stills of Julianne from his 1996 film The Lost World: Jurassic Park to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Film & TV Productions > 1997 – The Lost World: Jurassic Park

I have added production stills, posters and HD captures of Julianne from Children of Men to our gallery.

Gallery Link:
Film & TV Productions > 2006 – Freedomland

I have added production stills, posters and HD captures of Julianne from Children of Men to our gallery.

Gallery Link:
Film & TV Productions > 2006- Children of Men

I have added production stills, posters and HD captures of Julianne from Hannibal to our gallery.

Gallery Link:
Film & TV Productions > 2001 – Hannibal

Julianne Moore might not have joined the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 had it not been for the film’s deep relevance to her two children – and the plot’s focus on controlling your own destiny.

“For a child moving into adolescence, the big question is, ‘Do I have free will? Can I determine my own future?’ ” Moore, 53, tells More magazine for its November cover story, on newsstands Tuesday.

“[At that age], you’re still with your parents. But you’re asking yourself, ‘Who am I?’ ” says Moore, who is mom to son Caleb, 16, and daughter Liv, 12, with husband Bart Freundlich.

“Most of the films I make are not for kids,” she says. “My son was in line for the midnight show when The Hunger Games first came out. They both loved the books. For them, my being in Mockingjay was fairly meaningful.”

Although many actresses fear aging and slow down, Moore says she is energized by the clarity the years have given her.

“When you’re starting out in this business, you feel like you’re not in charge, that you’re still looking to the world for a kind of validation,” she says. “But as you get older, you realize that direction comes from yourself, from your own desires and responsibilities.

Now, she says, she feels more in the driver’s seat: “You choose your work. You choose your life. That’s where your power comes from – and that’s a great feeling.”


Julianne Moore will be honored by Museum of the Moving Image at its 29th annual Salute on Jan. 20 at 583 Park Ave. in New York, it was announced today by Herbert S. Schlosser and Ivan Lustig, co-chairmen of the Museum’s Board of Trustees.?

Moore, a four-time Academy Award nominee, stars as a woman battling Alzheimer’s in Still Alice, which Sony Pictures Classics will give an awards-qualifying run later this year, and plays a fading actress in David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars, which Focus World opens Feb. 27. She will also appear in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which Lionsgate is releasing Nov. 21.

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“With her unforgettable performances in Still Alice and Maps to the Stars, and her upcoming role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, this is Julianne Moore’s year,” Schlosser said in making the announcement. “She is a fearless and versatile performer who has created so many powerful performances in film and television.”

Moore won the Best Actress Award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for her performance in Map. She has been nominated for the best supporting actress Oscar for Boogie Nights and The Hours and for best actress for The End of the Affair and Far from Heaven.