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Today’s update is “Blindness” related, the 2008 Fernando Meirelles movie starred by Julianne, Mark Ruffalo, Alice Braga and Gael Garcia Bernal. I added a large gallery, and the page with the movie’s information.

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Julianne attended last night the “Comedy for a Cure”, an event to raise funds to The Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance.

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As previously announced here, Julianne attended last night, with Alfred Molina, Meryl Streep, Viggo Mortensen and other stars, the “Speak Truth To Power” benefit reading at The Public Theater.

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“A Single Man” gallery is up, I added posters, promotional stills, trailer captures, and more. Also, the movie’s page is up, with information, clips, and more to be added. Check it!

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(RED) is introducing The Lazarus Effect Campaign, intended to increase awareness for its efforts to fight AIDS in Africa.

The campaign, directed by renowned photographer Brigitte Lacombe, has celebrities rattle off items that could be bought for 40 cents (the value of one day’s worth of life transforming antiretroviral medication).

Celebs featured: Bono, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Julianne Moore, Claire Danes, Iman, Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom, Lucy Liu, Gabourey Sidibe, Kerry Washington, Bryan Cranston, Jane Lynch, Michelle Rodriguez, Gwen Stefani, Hayden Christensen, Don Cheadle, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ludacris, Common, Benicio Del Toro, Dakota Fanning and Christy Turlington.

The Lazarus Effect documentary will air on May 24 on HBO with director Spike Jonze as executive producer. Watch the PSA below!

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Still trying to get the editorial gallery updated as soon as possible, added more scans of 2009/2010.